Dear HR Toolkit

Thanks to your easy to use and well-structured forms and templates I can employ staff without the fear of starting off on the wrong foot. Before this, it was difficult for my small company to source the correct HR related documents especially a letter of employment. Now I have all the correct documents on soft copy at my disposal.

Barry Moyle

@Shockwatch SA

Dear HRToolkit

Thanks a million for recommending HR Toolkit. I have had difficulty in setting boundaries and many of the mishaps with staff happened because of the lack of processes. This simple, effective, easy to use kit has made such a difference in my workplace.

I especially liked using the employment contract as this spells out exactly what is required by both parties. This makes sure that there are no grey areas.

Every working relationship needs clear guidelines; I am happy to recommend this to every small business owner.



Hi there HRToolkit,

Thanks for the comprehensive list of easy to use documents. It has saved me from paying huge fees to get an employment contract, plus policies and procedures for my new hairdressing salon.

I dreaded the moment I had to start hiring more staff because I had very little experience in making sure that this process was done correctly. Your comprehensive list of documents has made my task a lot easier. I also have to commend you on providing this service at a really reasonable cost. I did not have o break the bank to get the help sorely needed.