Employers generally tend to keep a variety of records pertaining to the employee personnel file on hand in order to document the relationship between the company and the staff member. The contents of such files highlight the timeline of an employee’s history at a company, as well as their career. We discuss the importance of employee personnel files below. 

Why Keep an Employee Personnel File? 

Personnel files are a great way of keeping record and data pertaining to history of employment, disciplinary hearings and/or notices, promotions and more. The reasoning behind keeping such documents on hand are supported by the potential need to protect an employer from a lawsuit, amongst others. 

An employee personnel file also provides information on decisions made during the course of an employee’s career, such as: 

  • The reason for hiring; 
  • Transfers made; 
  • Recognition given; 
  • Reasons for dismissal; 
  • And more. 

Which Employee Personnel Files Should You Keep? 

There are a number of employee personnel files that are recommended to keep on file. A few of the personnel files which employers maintain are listed below: 

Medical File 

An employee medical file has complex restrictions based on legal grounds. Should an employer adopt an employee medical file, be very cautious and certain of all the legal restrictions in terms of confidentiality and what content this file may, or may not, contain. 

Employee Personnel File 

This is the foremost file which employers administer and maintain. The employee personnel file contains the historical data for each employee. 

Payroll File 

This file contains information regarding the employee’s salary, benefits, changes of pay rate and other information pertaining to the pay slip of the employee. It is common to find numerous Human Resources and accounting staff having access to the documentation included within the payroll file. 

While it may be a tedious process to uphold and maintain the above-mentioned documentation, and ensure that it is compiled and administered accurately, it is a crucial step which employers must take. 

If you find that you do not have the required time or do not comprehend the process flows alluding to the compilation of employee personnel files, it would be wise to protect your business by outsourcing such tasks to a reputable company. 

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