Frequently asked Questions

Are the documents up to date?

Yes, documents are reviewed every six months to ensure they are valid.

What happens if there is a document change?

All customers are encouraged to register their product, by doing this they will automatically receive the latest documents that have changed.

Who do we call if we need support or have a question about the product?

If onsite assistance is required, we will provide a quote and this is billed separately and is not included in the once-off cost of the package. An email needs to be sent to and our support team will contact you.

Can the customer make changes to the documents?

Yes, however we do recommend that if major changes need to be made. A request should be logged with our support team to confirm the potential legal aspects.

Will this product ensure I will have no issues at the CCMA or Labour Court?

No, however it will minimise your risk if it has been implemented correctly. And you have
been consistent in applying the disciplinary policies and procedures within your company.

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